A small tidy up

Well I’ve managed to get around to refreshing the links you see on the left of the blog to reflect the slightly more sanitised reading list I really have. To be honest Sage seems to manage to keep my links so I’m not going to duplicate it here πŸ™‚

What else has happened, well not a lot, I have read Steve Krug’s book “Don’t Make me Think” which was a very worthwhile read and one I recommend for anyone having to deliver a website… which has also painfully pointed out some of the flaws in this layout 😦

The other thing to get my attention is Mirror’s Edge, which is annoying primarily as I don’t have either an XBox or PS3. However I do now have the OST as it’s frankly awesome, and the theme from Lisa Miskovsky is currently on repeat on my iPod. For some reason this song and the game remind me a lot of Shenzhen, which I’ve spent time in.


2 responses to “A small tidy up

  1. Nobody tells me anything, look at you with your fancy schmancy wordpress blog, anyway, just incase you have the urge to buy a PS3 just for Mirrors Edge here is something that might change your mind.


    I played the 360 demo, that was enough to put me off buying it. Shame was a nice concept.

  2. Yeah, I saw the review, and PA slated it as well. As you say I nice concept, and frankly something new!


    Still tempted by the PS3 as a media centre and blu-ray player, but we’ll see, it is a wedge of cash still.

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