Agile Dogmatism

I hadn’t read this until today which was only after reading this (probably offensive to many). I need to add this to the Agile Pitfalls I posted earlier. So apart from needing to read more in more places, I am at least relieved that people are beginning to come back to this and see if it’s actually working!!

The only scary part is that if we decide that Agile is just the new Waterfall, and use another process, what will we use, and what will stop us from getting back to this point again ?

I am thinking that the Web 2.0 era (i.e. the 2000-8 times) will be remembered for style over content, whether it be by web or methodology. Time to remember why we built the tools.


2 responses to “Agile Dogmatism

  1. I’ve read through both articles. The first one that you read succinctly describes my views on the subject of Agile – as I have seen it used in the field so far. I’m sure it’s great, providing that people really know how to use it properly (ie: they understand the difference between doing the simplest thing and doing the simplest thing that works at a deeper design/software engineering principles/project-focused way)

    The second article (the one without the swearwords) would be a antithesis to the dogmatism that pervades where I work. Had it been a pro-agile article, there would be no issue posting it onto the office blog – that is used for documenting meetings etc* – however given that posting such a link would be ‘off message’, I am compelled to censor myself to avoid the inevitable complaints from my indoctrinated colleagues, departmental stigma and associated career repercussions.


    *don’t get me started on that one.

    • The irony here being that the message from the people who came up with Agile is “off-message”…

      Scary thing is that while these articles weren’t hitting the headlines, we were pretty much all thinking this around 2006.

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